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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Here's a bit of fun - guess what this is!

Clues: it is the skull of a mythological(?) entity from somewhere in South America, and is totally genuine...sort of. You can tell from the pix below of me holding it that it's pretty sizeable, and the dentition may well guide you along the right path, but will it take you to the correct destination? Let me know what you think - and no cheating! (There's an easy way to find out what it is, but I ain't a-gonna tell ya how!)

All pix copyright Dr Karl Shuker

Me and a mystery skull:

Here it is:

Even closer:
Close enough!!


  1. Given the general shape, size and dentition I would suppose it was sculpted over a pig skull.

  2. Absolutely! But which mythical/legendary beast is it supposed to represent?

  3. If it were from Mexico, I would hazard that it's Quetzalcoatl in a bad mood, but, as it's from South America, perhaps Viracocha being equally grumpy.

    Though I've no real idea of its identity, there's an old lady living up our road who could pass for its twin.

  4. is it quetzacoatl?

  5. Perhaps a sculpture made from a verbal description of a Conquistidor's horse.

  6. hmmm...
    since it's related to south america, I would go with the 'cobra grande' hypotesis(a giant snake allegedly found in remote areas of the amazon jungle).

  7. Aww, Marc - you peeked!! Yes, I guessed that someone would eventually work out the easy way of finding out what it was - and I'm still not going to tell you how to do it - but let's just say that I can tell 100% that Marc has! Anyway, yes, this is a representation of the were-pig that occupies much the same role in Brazilian legend that the werewolf does in Western folklore. This specimen, from Rio de Janeiro, comprises an actual wild boar skull which has been elaborately modified to yield a were-pig head.