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Friday, 6 May 2011


Time, I think, for another look at the Top Ten ShukerNature posts of all time. I didn’t post a listing last month (April 2011) because, remarkably, not only did that listing contain exactly the same ten posts as the previous month’s (March 2011), but even the relative rankings of those ten posts were the same too. But what a difference a further month has made!

This latest, May 2011 listing contains no fewer than four new entries, and all are recent posts. Clearly, therefore, there must be particular interest out there in movie mystery cats, winged cats, and explanations for belief in the Little People. Even certain of the fictitious cryptids featuring in the Doctor Dolittle novels of Hugh Lofting (namely, the great pink sea snail, a living dinosaur, and a gargantuan freshwater turtle) make an appearance at #10. So here, to baffle and amuse you, is the latest ShukerNature Top Ten (with rankings from the previous listing in red brackets). And if anyone can spot a subtle trend or pattern in it, please do let me know, as I’ve long since given up trying to find one!

#1: The mystery blue spider of Yorkshire (25 August 2010) (1)

#2: Behold, Trunko!! (Trunko exclusive #1) (6 September 2010) (2)

#3: South Africa's hairless blue horse (24 March 2010) (4)

#4: Archangel feathers (3 February 2011) (3)

#5: Enchanted by the enchantress (16 March 2011) (-)

#6: The genetics of fairies (10 March 2011) (-)

#7: Two more Trunko photos (Trunko exclusive #2) (9 September 2010) (5)

#8: The wings of a winged cat (5 April 2011) (-)

#9: Dragons of Babylon and dinosaurs of the Bible (18 January 2011) (6)

#10: The cryptozoological world of Doctor Dolittle, Part 2 (21 March 2011) (-)


  1. I'm going for multiple themes, but if I were you, I would keep it going with blue cryptids, little people and Trunko. Maybe I could make a "blue Trunko" hoax for you to post!! (kidding) One things for sure - I would personally like more "Stranger than People"!!

  2. Glad you like Stranger Than People. This was the first book I ever read that contained a fairly detailed account of the Loch Ness monster, and it includes some interesting, original artwork - such as a re-creation of Nessie that resembles a limbless plesiosaur! I may post that chapter here on ShukerNature at some point - so keep checking back!
    All the best, Karl